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  1. Baby Season in Arizona
  2. A Bird in the Hand
  3. The Blue and Gold Macaw   Espanol  Espanol
  4. Bringing a New Baby Home
  5. Jenday Eggbinding Rescue
  6. Incubation Notes Spring 1995   Francais  Italiano  Espanol  Espanol  Svensk
  7. Inspecting and Choosing a Healthy Bird
  8. Supplementing Nutrition with Sprouts
  9. Raising Jendays in Arizona
10. 100 Years Sexing Birds
11. The Great Escape
12. Those Grand Green Macaws   Espanol  Espanol
13. The Baby Feeding Formula!   Italiano
14. Are You A Good Egg?
15. Macaw Pediatrics   Francais  Italiano    
16. Red Fronted Macaws
17. Classifying Your Scarlet Macaws   Portuguese  Portuguese
18. Faster, Easier Handfeeding (Cup-Feeding)   Portuguese  Portuguese
19. Moving The Farm
20. Keeping Your Parrot Place Perfect With Poultry