Our Story

If you read over the items below you can get a good feel for what has transpired over the past several years regarding our move of our parrots to Pt. Arena, California and the subsequent battle that has ensued. Please feel free to delve deeper into any and all instances and events by selecting the desired heading from the pull down menu.

We have provided as much information here as possible and have not reworded, misrepresented nor omitted any significant events or dialogues. We believe that these events speak for themselves.

We also believe that these events represent a great injustice and that our parrots should be allowed to survive on our own property without the harassment of the local corporations and their government officials. These glorious animals can not be driven to extinction so that future generations will only have photographs in books with which to remember them by.

If you believe as we do, then we would appreciate a brief statement of your support to the parties concerned.

Thank You, Geoffrey and Barbara Gould
The Parrot Preservation Society


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