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Sites inside the United States:
links to the best avian breeders, suppliers and avian information
Bird Breeder Management Software
Hatchery supplies, fowl, and other products
100% bird-safe parrot toys
Sites outside the United States:
Brazilian site about ecology, environment, biodiversity, environmental education, animals, birds, birding, etc.
The French Parrot Network - English translated
Dedicated to conservation and preservation of the genus Amazona
High quality, internationally acclaimed literature for aviculturists
Turning Aviculture into a Conservation Tool
French Bird Breeders website - English translated
Charitable foundation for animal welfare worldwide
Natural organic eucalyptus based products from the Australian bush for your budgie
A guide/conservationist leading tours to parrot-rich sites in South America
A Canadian company that provides avain blood tests and DNA certification
A 4-year Symposium in the Canary Islands
Searchable Reference
French website - English, Spanish, German, & Italian translated
Australia's leading society in aviculture for breeders and keepers
A Society that encourages the breeding of every parrot in New Zealand
Helping to convert bird poachers to bird guides
Special friends of the Parrot Preservation Society:
News and events of the Mendocino area
Special friends who gave us deals on fruit for our birds
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